Why A Catholic Funeral Part 1

(2:18) – With testimonies from priests and family members, this short video shows the importance of a Catholic funeral not only for the deceased but also for those left behind. It shows how we imitate the reverence that was shown to Jesus’ body. It also emphasizes the importance of a family taking a role in putting the funeral Mass together as a final gift to their loved one.

Why A Catholic Funeral Part 2

This is a short video that uses the testimony of loved ones to focus on the beauty and the healing powers of a funeral. It shows that the funeral is not only an opportunity for loved ones to express sorrow and love for the deceased, but also to express their faith in God, and to create a lasting memory of the deceased. It re-emphasizes that through our Catholic faith there is hope for a life after death.

Three Sacred Moments

This video is a clear description of the three-part journey of Christian burial. It explains the importance of the Vigil, the Funeral Mass, and the Rite of Committal. The Vigil allows time for the living to tell stories about the deceased – essentially focusing on their life. The Funeral Mass focuses on the hope for the future – that our faith teaches that death has no victory – we have hope for eternal life. The Rite of Committal is the final goodbye for the loved ones and is a reminder of the importance of the reverent care of the deceased that our faith requires.

“Many Travelers, One Journey”

This video highlights the significance of the Church’s meaningful funeral rituals to guide our Catholic community. Order of Christian Funerals: The Vigil, Funeral Mass and Committal Service.

Death and Burial Talk – Scott Hahn

As we continue educating and inspiring Catholics through our new Resources Series, we invite you to watch the new video featuring Dr. Scott Hahn, an American Catholic theologian, and apologist. After watching the video, if you believe planning your burial preferences is a wise decision or if you know of a family member or friend who could benefit from learning more about burial in any of our Catholic cemeteries and mausoleums, please visit or contact our caring Memorial Planning Advisors by sending an email to: cemetery@rcan.org.

Cremation Video: Don’t leave them Home

If you have the cremated remains of your loved ones at home, use this opportunity to give them the Catholic burial space they deserve in the eyes of God. For more information regarding cremation, click here.

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