Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find many questions and answers one may have as it relates to the passing of a family member or friend.

What is the process for the approval of Monument Work?

Advance authorization and written approval by the Cemetery Office is required to accept, place and/or install any memorial or headstone on any of our Catholic cemeteries. Please contact the Cemetery Office with any questions or to make arrangements.

Do most people make their arrangements ahead of time?

Yes, over 75% of all burial space, crypts, graves, and niches are purchased pre-need, ahead of time. Pre-need planning for cemetery or mausoleum space is a loving, compassionate, and financially advantageous step all families should consider taking.

What is the first thing I should do?

Take your time and don’t rush. Make sure you look at all your options and get all the information you need to make a good decision. If you are not sure of something, please don’t hesitate to ask questions.

What are the different types of graves?

Graves will vary by the size and type of memorial stone allowed and the number of interments available in the grave. Our representative will explain the various types to you and show you what sections are available.

What is a concrete vault? Is it required?

A concrete vault is a concrete box that the casket is placed in and is sealed with a lid.  A concrete vault is the most commonly used outer container for protection of the casket. Vaults are not required by our cemeteries, but they are, however, recommended.

Do I have to pay perpetual care or maintenance in addition to the cost of my cemetery space?

All perpetual care or maintenance fees are included in the price of all of our crypts, graves, and niches currently offered by Catholic Cemeteries.

What other costs are associated with an in-ground burial?

Besides the purchase of the grave there are other costs such as, the interment fee, vault (if used), foundation, and memorial stone.  The interment fee is the cost to open, make the interment, and close the grave. A vault or other outer burial container is optional and is purchased from the funeral director.  A foundation fee is an additional fee paid to the cemetery for the concrete footing used as a base for the memorial stone.

What is a crypt?

A crypt is an above ground, dry, concrete, ventilated vault complete with a marble shutter. The marble shutter will vary in size with the style of crypt and serves as the memorial to the deceased.

What determines the cost of a crypt?

The cost of the crypt is based on the area of the building, the style, and the level of the crypt that you select.

What is cremation?

Cremation is simply a form of disposition for human remains. A combustible casket with the love one’s remains is placed in a cremation retort where, through a process of heat and evaporation, the body is reduced primarily to bone fragments.

In our catholic cemetery, cremation commands the same dignity and respect as full body burial. These are in fact the human remains of a baptized member of our family in faith. Many choices have been provided to meet individual needs; these include glass, marble and granite covered above-ground niches to accommodate one or more urns. Ground burial is also available in separate designated sections.

The practice of scattering human cremated remains or keeping human cremated remains in a home are not the reverent disposition that the church requires and is contrary to Catholic teaching.

Please see our “Continuing the Journey…”  booklet for more details.

How does the cost of entombment in the mausoleum compare to the total cost of in-ground burial?

Entombment in the mausoleum is comparable to the total cost of in-ground burial.

Is there sales tax on my grave or crypt purchase?

Catholic Cemeteries is an arm of the ministry of the Catholic Church, a tax exempt entity, and does not charge sales tax.

Do I have to pay for mausoleum crypts in full at the time of purchase?

There are a variety of payment options and terms designed to give you the flexibility to remain within your personal budget. Cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express are honored for your convenience. Terms may be arranged with a down payment made at the time of a pre-need purchase, followed by monthly payments with a minimal interest fee. At the time of death, the burial arrangements must be paid in full.

Do they have Mass in the Mausoleum Chapel?

Yes, a Mass of Remembrance is celebrated monthly in the Chapel Mausoleum of our cemeteries.

When can I put my name on the crypt?

You may purchase and install crypt memorialization at the time you purchase the crypt. You may also choose to purchase the memorialization ahead of time with instructions to install it at the time of need.

Who can I talk to about making arrangements?

Counselors are available seven days a week from 9:00 AM until 4:30 PM in the mausoleum or by appointment in the evenings at your home.

Can I bring a friend to show them my space?

The building is open to the public, so you may bring whomever you like to see your mausoleum crypt space. In addition, should you have any questions or need help you can come to the mausoleum office. There is always someone available to assist you during regular operating hours.

When will I get my Deed?

When your crypt is paid in full you will receive your Certificate of Right of Entombment in approximately four to six weeks.