Reserve Now For the NEW Open-Air Mausoleum of the Holy Spirit

Holy Cross Cemetery Mausoleum

Introducing our latest development, the Open-Air Mausoleum of the Holy Spirit, currently under construction. Explore the serene beauty and dignified atmosphere of our newest addition, designed to capture the essence of a campus-style atmosphere in perfect harmony with our sacred grounds.

Our exceptional, state-of-the-art landscape design masterfully captures the essence of a campus-style atmosphere at Holy Cross Cemetery & Mausoleum in North Arlington, Bergen County, New Jersey.

Our meticulous land utilization exemplifies the perfect harmony of functionality and elegance. Designed with your convenience and comfort in mind, this remarkable site offers an easily navigable layout, ensuring effortless transitions between mausoleum buildings. If you have loved ones already interred at Holy Cross Cemetery, protect your family legacy. Speak to one of our profesional and caring Memorial Planning Advisors today because the original mausoleum is at 95 percent capacity.

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Holy Cross Cemetery Chapel with first place ribbon

Holy Cross Cemetery & Mausoleum
340 Ridge Road
North Arlington, NJ 07031
Cemetery Office: (888) 467-8903 – (201) 997-1900
Mausoleum Office: (888) 467-8903 -(201) 997-5763

Meet Father Michael Barone Chaplain at Holy Cross Cemetery & Mausoleum

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About Award-Winning Holy Cross Cemetery & Mausoleum

Holy Cross Cemetery is the recipient of several prestigious awards including the 2017-2018 American Cemetery Excellence (ACE) Award. The award, presented by American Cemetery & Cremation magazine, a funeral and cemetery industry publication, recognizes the most outstanding cemeteries around the world. According to the magazine, “far more than just a final resting place, Holy Cross Cemetery and Mausoleum offers a park-like setting, exquisite artwork, modern technology, and a faith-inspired atmosphere. It’s easy to understand why Holy Cross Cemetery & Mausoleum has been selected as our seventh annual American Cemetery Excellence award winner.”

Holy Cross Cemetery and Mausoleum is also the recipient of the 2018 Bergen County Historic Preservation Award in the category of Continuing Preservation and Use for the Holy Cross Cemetery 1936 Office Building Preservation Project in North Arlington. For more details, click here.


Holy Cross Cemetery was established in 1915 to meet the needs of Catholic families. By its name, the Catholic church recognizes the universal symbol for Christianity, the sign of Redemption, the Holy Cross. Rather than being the sign of suffering and death, the Holy Cross now assures that death has been replaced with life, eternal life. The Cross also bears witness to love, and through the Cross, we understand that love is not easy, it has both joy and sorrow.

By identifying this cemetery Holy Cross, the Catholic church of Newark reminds us that Jesus Christ, Incarnate Word, and Son of God, is the way of everlasting love and eternal life. The church helps us encounter salvation history, the telling of how, because of everlasting love, the Father sent His beloved Son to accomplish redemption through the cross.   Through that Redemption, we come here to be assured that once again we will be united with Him and our beloved families and friends in everlasting love.

Catholic Cemeteries cordially invites you to our Memorial Day Mass celebrated annually on our beautiful cemetery grounds. Invite friends and family to the celebration of Mass to pray and remember the faithful departed. Mass begins at 11:00 AM. 

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