Christ The King Cremation Options

In our catholic cemetery, cremation commands the same dignity and respect as full-body burial. These are in fact the human remains of a baptized member of our family in faith. Many choices have been provided to meet individual needs; these include glass, marble, and granite covered above-ground niches to accommodate one or more urns. Ground burial is also available in separate designated sections.

The practice of scattering human cremated remains or keeping human cremated remains in a home are not the reverent disposition that the church requires and is contrary to Catholic teaching.
Please see our “Continuing the Journey…”  booklet for more details.

  • Cremation Graves – Christ The King Cemetery provides cremation graves for the interment of cremated remains, or the urn can be buried in a family plot.
  • Cremorial Garden – an outdoor space designated for the burial of cremated remains.  (See image above)